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  Quality of scaffolds mainly include the following aspects: steel pipe material, steel pipe wall thickness, welding fastness, dimensional accuracy, surface treatment, service life and bearing capacity.

  Steel pipe material and wall thickness

  The grade of the steel pipes is Q235 of China National Standard. The steel pipes entering factory should accept strict material examination, wall thickness measurement and appearance inspection before being unloaded to enter warehouse and put into production.

  Blanking dimension

  Burr-free pipe cutter is used for steel pipe blanking. The inaccuracy of blanking is as slight as nearly zero. There is no barb on section of steel pipe. The proceeding of the following process is well ensured.

  Welding fastness

  Grinding tools of line cut processing are adopted for scaffold to make the specifications and dimensions more accurate. Argon shielded arc welding is adopted to make the weld crater smooth and secure.

   Appearance and inner bore inspection
  Specially assigned person should check existence of blowhole on scaffold surface, security of welding, smoothness of weld face, diameter measurement of main pipe inner bore. Unqualified products are prohibited to leave factory.。

   Surface treatment
  Whole set cold galvanizing is adopted for surface treatment to perform galvanizing completely for the whole product. The quality of galvanizing should be strictly controlled and examined by special inspectors, to extend the service life of scaffolds.

  Bearing capacity test
  Random inspections and pressure tests should be performed for scaffolds, each item of which should be implemented in accordance with national standards. We are determined to eliminate any safety hazard during actual product use to ensure the security of our scaffold products!
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